Video Tape Transfer Process | Xil Rowemedia | Milton Ontario

Virtually a touchless video transfer solution in Milton Ontario

In these challenging times (covid-19), we offer customers in Milton, Ontario, and the surrounding Halton/GTA area a virtually touchless video transfer solution.

You can drop off your tapes, or we pick them up. We digitally process your videos. You can then download them directly to your desktop, tablet, or mobile devices for viewing and archiving purposes.

The first thing we do is make sure the tape is physically functioning. We fast forward the tape to the end and rewind it again.

Our Pricing

We take note of the duration of your video and set our digitizing system to record for the proper length.

Xil Rowe Media uses broadcast standard equipment and settings to ensure the best quality of your memories during the video digitizing process.

This digitizing process will provide us with a digital copy of your taped memories. The video file is now ready to be edited in our professional editing suite.

This also gives us the opportunity to adjust the video and enhance the quality in some cases.

For some customers, we can upscale the video into HD (high definition) formats or customize it for your needs if they are required.

We remove the blank spaces and we now have a file that we can upload to our Video Platform, print a DVD or BLU-Ray, and or provide you with a USB Thumb drive.

We suggest using our secure and password protected Video Platform to download as many copies as you would like and also share with friends and family. (Touchless Service)

This platform is included in the pricing for your videotape transfers.

The formats most common file formats are listed in popular order are MP4. MOV, and  AVI. (we can offer other formats for custom requests.)

We also can transfer the videos directly onto tangible media like a USB thumb drive or DVD’s

Let a professional do your videotape transfers!


Suggestions for preparing your tapes for us to process,

Label the tapes with a sharpie, numerically 1-10, etc. please don’t use stickers or tape on the tapes, they get stuck in our machines. Feel free to write on the decals that are provided with the tapes.

You can also label the cases with the same number as the tape. We can do this for you as well. It keeps things organized.

When you receive your videos they will be in file formats such as MP4 or MOV.  We or you can always rename them after.

We also do offer deluxe services like editing and titles and graphics. We can even add subtitles and special effects.

It takes about 48 hours to 3 days to process your tapes.  It also depends on how many you have.