Preserve Your Memories – Video Tape to Digital/USB Services

Are your cherished memories trapped on old video tapes? Don’t let them deteriorate with time. Call or text Stephan at 416-668-0737 for professional video tape transfer services in Milton, Ontario.

Video Tape Transfer Services:

VHS NTSC: $21.00 | PAL: $45.00 | SECAM: $45.00
VHS C NTSC: $21.00 | PAL: $45.00 | SECAM: $45.00
MINI-DV NTSC: $21.00 | PAL: $45.00 | SECAM: $45.00
HI-8/NTSC: $21.00 | PAL: $45.00 | SECAM: $45.00
8MM NTSC: $21.00 | PAL: $45.00 | SECAM: $45.00
DIG 8 NTSC: $21.00 | PAL: $45.00 | SECAM: $45.00
Audio Cassette/ LP to Digital MP3:

TAPE ALBUM: $20.00
Additional Services:

8 mm & Super 8 film to digital services
Video and audio editing
Creating slide shows and presentations
At our Milton-based studio, we handle all your media through a professional editing system. We meticulously remove blank spaces and gaps, add titles, and enhance audio for silent films or videos. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we offer you the opportunity to preview your digitized content before making a payment.

Don’t wait until your memories fade away. Safeguard them by converting your video tapes into digital format. Let us help you preserve your precious moments for generations to come.

Call or text Stephan at 416-668-0737 to schedule your digitization service today.