You have a requirement to edit video, maybe even 4k content. If you have a system that is built for gaming this probably does not concern you. However, you may have a system that is sufficient to handle editing videos. When we mean handle video, we mean to edit. Viewing HD or 4k content is not the same as editing it. There are a lot of details that we can go over regarding and maybe we can talk about that another time. Long story short, you may or you may not have the perfect system, but a lot of today’s laptops & desktops have pretty fast drives that can handle video editing. One suggestion is to use a separate drive to handle your video files. It can be external or internal.  Depending on the amount of video you intend to deal with will make the ultimate choice you must make. Let’s assume that you are using SSD drives. (Solid State Drives). If you are, keep your video on that drive. Possibly even an NVMe SSD. We ended up purchasing, a 1TB External Samsung and we are very happy with the purchase. We here at XIL Rowe Media have a little tip for you to help Optimize your system to get a little extra punch from your SSD Drive that you have dedicated to editing your content. Watch the free video below for some pointers.