July,2020 Another video for the gearheads! Motoracing Montage. A little of the old and a little of the new. The photos and clips are featuring Canadian Tire Motor Sports Park aka Mosport. The imagery was captured from the 80's to 2019.

30 seconds of Cuba Creative Commons Video Clip

We are posting our first creative commons video clip. It is just a short 30 seconds of Cuba. Filmed in 2018.     <p xmlns:dct=""><a rel="license" href=""><img...

Do it Yourself Video Ads | Getting Started

Do it Yourself Video Ads | Getting Started

Do you need a video online to promote or market your business or a product and want to do it yourself? This article is from the perspective of a video producer. There are tons of products out there to help you to complete this possibly daunting task. Tons and tons of...